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About me!

Hi! My name is George, and I started Sharpest Pocket Knife after my passion for pocket knives. The passion started when I got into camping in my early 20’s. I would get them for my camping, to use in cutting wood for fires, fishing, cutting rope and all other things camping! I slowly started seeing how amazingly handy they were in everyday life as well. If you were ever in an emergency like a car accident they can cut glass, there is the electrician pocket knife, the multi tool pocket knife that comes into use it in everyday life. 

I wanted to help educate others on the best pocket knives I’ve come across in my life. Tactical pocket knives are used by many people, from the US military to cub scouts to having them as groomsmen gifts! I created a team to help you find the best suited tool for you, so I hope I can help! 

About Sharpest Pocket Knife

Welcome to our About Us page, we are totally aware of the fact that it is really hard for you to browse for a perfect pocket knife. Fortunately, we are here for you, the motto of our website is quite simple, we provide you complete reviews on pocket knives that are useful in various events and situations, such as the best pocket knife for self defense, a camping pocket knife, or a tactical pocket knife.

The most highlighting quality of our website and that makes it unique is that we collaborate with professional teams that thoroughly study and test the knives from top to bottom. We choose to do this because we as a responsible team, have one single agenda and that is to provide you correct insights of the sharpest pocket knife available in the market.

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What Do We Do?

Our website is quite clear with our vision from day one, we know the audience is hungry for information about the products and want honest presentations from people without sugar-coating it. Our team believes in honest reviews rather than gaslighting. Consider our website as a genuine, informative & service provider without being bias.

How We Do It?

We know that when you are planning to buy a pocket knife for a specific event, you have a lot of options in your mind. There are dozens of options with equal specifications that attracts you. To figure out which one to choose as a final option you need to check its review. And that is where we come in.

Our expert team evaluates various pocket knives that are available in the market and then they categorize it. These categories are according to events like camping, scouting, defense, etc.

From this category we shortlist best promising pocket knives that are really beneficial as per the category. All our reviews are based from Amazon reviews on each product, and are extensively researched to gather a full insight into the products we recommend.

Why Trust Our Reviews?

The Sharpest Pocket Knife takes the expert’s opinion and review into consideration and shares the experience of the knife’s user with the reader so that they can make their final decision accurately. 

A well-experienced team which gives proper advice, facts, and suggestion is what’s evolving our website. And this is the reason we can confidently ask you for trusting us.

Our Team

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The core members of our team are the content writers who simplify the complex reviews and make it digestible for every reader.

Then we have a team of editors who check the content and rectify the errors and validate it so that the content is accurate and up to the mark.

Besides the writer and editor, we have a team of experts who keep themselves busy by keenly observing the manufacturing process of knives. Other members of the team are specially assigned to study some best pocket knife for self defense, camping pocket knife and tactical pocket knife so that our readers can get a variety of information and product to choose.

Our Promise 

The sole purpose of our website is to give our readers authentic information about pocket knives along with its pros and cons. We do not believe in partiality and do not practice it either. Sharpest Pocket Knife strives to provide its readers with a crystal clear vision for making the best move on buying pocket knives. We have one promise to make, and that is to serve and progress with integrity. 

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If you wish to send in a post on a review, please leave your details in our contact us form with your content and we will review and get back to you.