An Engraved Pocket Knife Is The Best Gift

Ever since I was a kid, movies like Rambo and Predator all wowed me because of the ability of the main character to survive under extreme conditions. They would do this by demonstrating sheer resilience and wit to overcome their obstacles. Nevertheless, they always seemed to have pocket knives which they used for almost anything. From hot-wiring cars to hunting to cutting ropes and thick wood, these little tools stuck with me into my adulthood. An engraved pocket knife is a small foldable knife that conveniently fits inside a pocket that has been personalized. They are laced with a small blade, all of them designed for major utility purposes. Additionally, an engraved pocket knife has special customizations that make it look even cooler. They can also be called personalized pocket knives. For those who might not be accustomed to these little tools, carrying one daily might seem a little extra. However, they can make our lives a little easier, convenient and safer as shown below. 

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Uses of an Engraved Pocket Knife

There are dozens of pocket knives out there. However, they all exist to serve one purpose; to add utility and convenience to our lives. An engraved pocket knife holds a special value to it. They have a company’s logos, people’s names or animal carvings all imprinted on them. For instance, companies give these tools to their customers as a means of product promotion or appreciation. Additionally, they are used as tokens of appreciation to the employees for their outstanding service. Since they last almost forever, an engraved pocket knife can also be used as a family symbol, passed down from generation to generation in families. 

So, if your great-granddad gave you his special edition world war one USA engraved pocket knife and you don’t know where to start, the following text might be of help.


They cut just about anything that needs cutting. For instance, they help in opening heavily wrapped packages, cutting of stubborn clothing tags, cutting anything from seatbelts to ropes in emergencies, cutting fairly hardwire and cutting food when you are out camping. Did you know most engraved pocket knives have special blades to help in opening Champaign and wine bottles? 


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From time to time, we are all faced with an emergency of some kind. A camping trip could go wrong, the car can lose its brakes or any other unfavorable situation you might find yourself in. An engraved pocket knife can serve as a survival tool. You can hunt for food if you are stranded in the forest while defending yourself from wild animals. You can help someone out of a car wreckage as you slice through any material that might have them stuck. It is ideal to have a pocket knife in an emergency more often than not. 

Personal Safety

As we’ve all seen in the movies, a pocket knife can be a great weapon if need be. With acts of terror on the rise every day, everyone should take personal safety seriously. Although, we cannot all fight like Rocky™ having a knife immediately brings fear to any aggressor. Whether you are a lady getting attacked in broad daylight or a guy withdrawing cash from the ATM at the wee hours of the night, having a pocket knife can help save your life. I am in no means commending acts of violence, rather explaining to people to protect themselves at all times. Sometimes just the mere sight of a knife is enough to put off any aggressor. 

So are you sold on the idea of carrying around this handy tool? The following are simple guidelines to help you get the right pocket knife. 

Guidelines for Buying an Engraved Pocket Knife

First, the blades and handle. This is usually the first thing that people check when getting a pocket knife. There are a ton of materials and variations that are used to craft these handy tools. For instance, there are stainless steel blades, titanium alloys, serrated pocket knife blades, straight edge pocket knife blades, curved and many others. The material you choose will determine how long the blade will last.

The handle is also known as the hilt. Again carefully choose the materials you wish to have on your handle as this will be the primary casing for the multiple blades. For instance, carbon fiber, wood, fiberglass, bone, and other precious stones and metals that are used as handles.

Lastly, you should consider the engravings. Some knives bear vintage engravings while others are new school. Find out which customization resonates with you and your family if you decide to pass it down.

Our Recommended Engraved Pocket Knife

We have done lots of reviews on only the best, high quality pocket knives, to find many different options that would suit you best. Our favourite had to be the:

TAC Force Engraved Tactical Assisted Opening Pocket Knife

This beautiful and highly customizable pocket knife from Tac-Force makes an astounding gift for your father or any family member, with plenty of versatility to make sure it is used and enjoyed for a long time to come. The Tac-Force Tactical Pocket Knife is easy to open and incredibly safe to use, with a built-in liner lock that keeps the blade from closing when you’re not ready or don’t expect it.

Thanks to the assisted opening feature, the blade is extremely easy to operate, allowing it to be activated from its resting position at any given moment. Also, quality and capability are never a problem for the Tac-Force’s superior construction, and its stainless steel blade showcases a partially serrated edge to bolster its razor-sharp cut. 

You can purchase with confidence, knowing that each Tac-Force Engraved Tactical Pocket Knife comes backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a one year warranty so you’ll be protected against any manufacturer defects or shortcomings. Personalize the Tac-Force however you like, with up to two full lines of text you can make say anything you choose, with dark, easy-to-read engravings that stand out for whomever each knife belongs. 

Far from being just a standalone pocket knife, Palmetto Wood Shop’s premium knife also serves as a handy can opener, rope cutter, and glass breaker for tight situations, and is a go-to pocket knife for self defense should you ever need one. For enhanced aesthetics and an amazing feel, the Tac-Force Pocket Knife features an elegant burl wood handle that gives the knife a classic yet high-end look, while also contributing to the usability of this multi-faceted pocket knife. Moreover, the detailed, high-quality handle also features an incredibly convenient belt or pocket clip to make this knife incredibly portability and accessible wherever you go. 

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