4 Reasons Why A Pocket Knife Makes The Perfect Gift

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The holiday season is here and most people are thinking of getting the perfect gift for their loved ones. Well, if you know someone that enjoys the great outdoors then a pocket knife gift is probably just what they need. The tool is  one of the most useful when you are out in the wild as it serves multiple purposes. Let’s look at why the pocket knife is the perfect gift for anyone that spends a lot of time outdoors.

1. Essential to camping

A pocket knife is essential to the outdoors. It serves campers in multiple ways from serving as a carving tool, peeling fruits, to cutting meat. A pocket knife is much easier to carry, as it folds and fits in your pocket and since you have it at all times, it is readily available. You can’t take a regular knife in your pocket, you are just asking for trouble by risking an injury.

Any camper would love a pocket knife gift for the holidays. The blade of a good knife is sharp enough to carve through the wood while gentle enough for you to peel the skin off fruits. Most knives also come with a few other tools which can be useful such as tweezers, corkscrews, wire cutters, and so on.

2. Useful for first aid

Pocket knives should be a part of your first aid kit. You never know when you or someone around you may get injured and the knife makes it easier to cut bandages, take out splinters, and fashion tourniquets. Yes, that’s right, a pocket knife can serve as the rod in a makeshift tourniquet, potentially saving a life.

A pocket knife gift is a wonderful addition to any first aid kit. You should look to add it to your kit if you already don’t have one.

3. Makes opening packages and letters easier

All the excitement of receiving a package or letter quickly turns into frustration when you struggle to open either. With a folding pocket knife, you can avoid frustration and easily open any package or letter. The knife’s sharp blade will cut through any tape or paper, letting you see what you received immediately.

4. Provides some form of protection

The average pocket knife may not be designed as a weapon, but it can be useful if you find yourself in a bad situation. Since most people carry their pocket knives with them, you can use them to scare off a mugger or a wild animal that tries to attack you. But note that the knife has a small blade, and if you had to use it, you would need to be close to the attacker.

Giving a pocket knife gift to someone that is always concerned about their safety may help them feel more at ease. Just knowing they have some form of protection may help them feel safe.

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Things to consider when buying a pocket knife gift for someone

Buying a pocket knife as a gift is not easy since there are so many options in the market. If you are looking for a pocket knife gift, then you should consider the following factors:

  • Blades: The knife blade is the most crucial part of a pocket knife. You have options in single, multiple blades and different types of blade edges such as plain or serrated. Think of how the person will use the pocket knife and settle on the number and type of blade accordingly. If you are unsure then go for a multi-blade knife with both plain and serrated edges.
  • Material: You have different options for the material of the blade and the overall pocket knife. Stainless steel with a steel body is more costly than an aluminum body knife with a carbon alloy blade. Consider your budget when it comes to settling on the material.
  • Other tools: A pocket knife is more than just the blade, you get tons of other tool options in most. Consider the tools that would be most relevant to the person you are giving the pocket knife gift to and buy accordingly.

Gifting a Pocket Knife For Christmas 2022

A pocket knife gift is more useful than you may think. The benefits we’ve highlighted prove that. The compact, useful knife is helpful in everyday cutting and can possibly save a life.