A Detailed Guide On How To Begin Camping For The First Time

Pocket Knife, Camping for beginners
Essential Camping Checklist

Camping is one of the most popular tourist activities, where one stays in uncharted land to admire the beauty of nature. But not all camping activities are extreme, and there are school camping trips, family trips and all-friends trips. Every camper knows that there are some camping essentials that you can out survive a day in the field without.

That is why there is a camping guide on how you can make your first camping experience memorable with the proper planning and equipment.

A Detailed List To Get You Started

Decide the Venue

One of the initial phases of planning a camping activity is deciding on a place to camp. It all depends upon what type of group you are going with; as emphasized in every camping guide, you’ll need to decide on a “safe for children” space if you take them along. You’ll also have to check the weather to avoid camping in places with harsh climates.

Getting a Tent

One of the most, if not the most essential, part of a camping activity is getting a tent. It is a camping essential, and many people are often confused about which tent to buy. There are three ways to decide which type of tent will be best suited to your situation. The first thing is to check the temperature of the place you’d be camping in, for example, if it is hot or cold.

The second thing you should be mindful about is the type of terrain or landscape you’d be camping at, like whether it is smooth or not. The last thing you should see before buying a camping tent is the number of people going on the camping trip. Buy a tent that is at least two times larger than the number of people going on the trip so that you have enough space to move and place things.

Pocket Knives

Every camping guide will emphasize the need to get a quality pocket knife before going on a camping trip. There are a lot of camping essentials, but pocket knives make their way past them on this list and here is why. When camping, there are limited resources available, and you have to work with what’s at hand. Pocket knives come in extremely handy when you have to make a bonfire at night when it’s chilly, or if you are camping at a place with a lake nearby, it might also help catch fish.

Sleeping bags

No camping essentials list can be complete without sleeping bags. But how to know which sleeping bags are the best? Well, it depends on the kind of place you’ll be camping in. It is essential to be aware of the temperature of the camping site. For example, if it’s somewhere hot, it will be better if you take thin sleeping bags with you and vice versa.

Kitchen Essentials

Camping means cooking without the everyday essentials that you have at home. That is why it’s crucial that you pack some lightweight utensils and cooking pots along with you. Selecting the kitchen essentials you’d be taking with you will depend on what you’ll be cooking.

Taking disposable plates and cups on a camping trip is a life saver. You don’t need to worry about cleaning them and can quickly dispose of them when you are back home.

Lighting and Charging Equipment

Camping has pros and cons, that is to say that you get to enjoy the beautiful scenic sites and take in the fantastic view. But on the flip side, it can be a little dangerous if you are camping somewhere with wild animals. Hence, you must keep lighting equipment with you to be safe at night.

Equipment like torches, mobile flashlights and lanterns come in handy while camping. Along with these, since there are no electricity sources on most camping sites, many campers face the issue of their phone’s battery dying. Hence you must take at least one power bank with you for safekeeping.


Now you might be wondering what sort of furniture one would require on a camping trip? Apart from the essentials like a tent, sleeping bag and lantern, you might need a chair, table, and cupboard to organize the stuff you’d be taking along. Also, these are only a few things that one might need while camping, and more things can be added to the list  depending on one’s needs.

Pocket Knife, Camping for beginners

Concluding Thoughts:

Camping is a principal activity, so many people are confused about what to do while planning their first trip. This camping guide has the necessary information to plan your first camping getaway.