Uses and benefits of a single blade pocket knife

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Pocket knives are becoming so popular day-by-day, they are basically a form of art. In this article, you can find out what a single blade pocket knife is, what can you use it for, and why you should own one?!

Pocket knives are simple and functional tools used by many, including craftsmen, military personnel, but especially popular among outdoor enthusiasts. They are easy to carry and can be useful in a variety of situations. I can attest to just how useful a single blade pocket knife can be in everyday life. But if you don’t believe me, just ask around. A pocket knife is one of the most convenient tools you can carry with you at all times.

Finding the right pocket knife ultimately comes down to your personal preference. Are you going to use it for DIY crafts, for camping, for work? Whatever you use it for, it’s always useful to have a pocket knife on you.

So many people are missing out on some common tasks that you can perform by using a single blade pocket knife. We recommend two types of single blade pocket knives, a serrated folding knife and a straight edge pocket knife.

Uses and Benefits of a Single Blade Pocket Knife

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One thing I like about pocket knives is the practicality. These are some of the most practical ways you can use a single blade pocket knife in everyday life. Let’s start with the simplest ones.

Opening a package: This is probably the most common use of a pocket knife. Instead of running to the kitchen to grab a knife, your pocket knife is perfectly suitable for this task. Packages are usually taped pretty tight, so a sharp pocket knife is perfect for this occasion.

Peel and cut fruit: Another perfect example of why you need a pocket knife. Whether you are at work, in the park, or the woods, you need your daily vitamin intake, and peeling and cutting an apple with your pocket knife is very practical and even makes you look cooler.

Removing Clothing Tags: A single blade pocket knifeis great for removing those annoying plastic price tags on clothing, and it will only take a second of your time.

Adding a Hole on Your Belt: You don’t need to take your belt to the tailor, you can adjust it to your liking on the spot. This is actually a common and frequent situation and something you can instantly fix with a pocket knife. Simply place the belt on a flat surface and spin the knife left and right until it goes through.

Cutting a Seat Belt: Whether you find yourself in a burning vehicle or sinking in water, seat belts can often get stuck, and this is where your pocket knife will save your life or the life of a complete stranger with a single stroke. Having a quality single blade pocket knife is a must.

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Camping: Going camping without a pocket knife is unimaginable. It’s probably the most essential tool you can carry with you, whether you are making food, setting up your tent, or chopping woods. You can also use it for making fish traps or animal traps, skinning an animal or cleaning fish, or even sharpen another knife.

Protection from Rabid Animals: Many animal species are unpredictable, so whether you are fending off aggressive dogs in the city or wild animals in the woods, a pocket knife can give you a fighting chance and save you from certain death.

Self-defense: Pocket knives are designed to be useful tools and not a weapon, but in a life or death situations, you can certainly use it as a self-defense weapon. From other humans or the wild animals, carrying a pocket knife will make the difference for you in those situations where non-violence scenarios simply don’t work.

A few more examples of how you can use a pocket knife, like cutting a dog’s leash in an emergency, sharpening pencils, fishing, carving, cutting rope or zip ties, prying out batteries, opening a bottle, as a first-aid tool, even shaving.

There are many different types of knife blades found on pocket knives, and each blade has its own unique purpose. For example, the pen blade is not a versatile blade, you can’t use it for hunting or survival, but you can use it in some everyday tasks, like opening letters and packages. A drop point blade on the other hand is very versatile, and you can use it in extreme situations like survival and hunting. So it is important to think about what you will be using your pocket knife for, before you decide to spend money.

Difference Between a Single Blade Pocket Knife and Multiple Blade Pocket Knife

This debate is never-ending, should you buy a single blade pocket knife or multiple blade pocket knife? Well, let’s break it down.

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The multiple blades on some pocket knives are not there just to add weight to the knife or to look cooler. The reason why some pocket knives have multiple blades is to provide more versatility. More versatility often means more convenience because each blade can perform and complete different tasks. Having a wider range of blade options in some situations can be a lifesaver.

While having all these options and versatility sounds really great, there is a downside to owning and using a pocket knife with multiple blades. And the main downside is the lack of strength. The durability of a pocket knife can be the key to completing your tasks, in the wild, or at home. A single blade pocket knifeis usually stronger and more durable than a multiple blade pocket knife. So this is something you’ll need to consider when buying a pocket knife.

Many people often choose multiple blade pocket knives because of that cool factor, but in most cases, they end up only using one of the blades on a day to day basis. Which is why it’s better to find the perfect single blade pocket knife and use it whenever you need it.


There are so many types, shapes, and sizes of pocket knives, suitable for any application. I hope this article can answer your questions regarding what a single blade pocket knife is, what it can be used for, and why you should definitely own at least one. For more information and questions on other types of pocket knives and choosing the right pocket knives, check out some of our articles and feel free to find out more, we are at your disposal.