What is a Tactical Pocket Knife?

Everything you need to know about tactical pocket knives:

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Having a pocket knife is more common than you think, especially in the countryside (though it can still be useful in urban areas). Having quick access to a tactical pocket knife has so many benefits that it really can be a lifesaver. Literally (trust us, we’re experts!). A lot of people have some misconceptions about pocket knives, their uses and more importantly their safety. This article hopes to address that and give you all the information, instead of just one side.

Are pocket knives legal?

In short, yes. In the US and many other countries it is legal to own and carry a pocket knife. The pocket knife should clearly be for utility though, not as a weapon. This means a tactical pocket knife and a utility swiss army knife are very much fine, so long as their blade is under 4 inches, whereas a huge serrated knife is not okay and could be viewed as a weapon by the authorities.

The general rule of thumb for openly carrying a knife, even at school, is that 2.5 inches are the very maximum blade size. I’m not suggesting that you carry a knife to school, in fact, you probably shouldn’t, but you could technically. Most schools have strict rules about bringing in potential weapons, even if there are no laws against it. 

It is illegal to conceal and carry any non-tactical pocket knife or swiss army knife, especially bowie knives and dirks. It is also illegal to conceal and carry ANY knife when under the influence of alcohol or weed (in legal states). It’s dangerous and irresponsible not to mention illegal, just don’t do it.

What are some good everyday uses for pocket knives?

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A tactical pocket knife has a huge range of everyday uses, they come in serrated pocket knife blades and straight edge pocket knife blades, they can be a really handy sidekick to get you through the day. Even if you don’t rely on using a knife regularly for work they can still come in useful throughout the day. You could use them to open parcels and packages, cutting fruit, cutting loose threads, sharpening a pencil or cutting zip ties. These things crop up daily, we would otherwise have to go traipsing off for a pair of scissors or a kitchen knife. Not a problem if we have our tactical pocket knife on us already. Read more about finding the most suitable pocket knife for you.

What if it’s someone’s birthday at the office, you’re all gathered around singing happy birthday, the birthday boy/girl has blown out the candles and oh no, no knife to cut the cake? Take out your knife and be the office hero! Get yourself a nice corner piece of cake.

Some not so everyday uses, but still important:

When camping it is always advised to have a tactical pocket knife on you, even if you arent camping but are in the wilderness it’s still highly recommended. A knife in the wilderness can be the difference between life and death. Your knife could be used to cut firewood, start a fire with a flint, fight off a predator, cut rope, or prepare your dinner when you kill and cook that predator. Your knife can also be the difference between you and boredom. It may not be the most thrilling use, but your knife can be used to whittle wood to pass the time.

Your knife can be used for cutting bait, gutting fish, cleaning the scales and after its cooked portioning it out. It can be used for all kinds of food preparations in the wilderness that would otherwise be impossible. Opening cans for example, without a pocket knife, is hard work. Cans were invented before the can opener, so that’s how they used to be opened!

Pocket knives can save lives.

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The world is a dangerous place, its nice to have something to help you get through it one piece. Having a tactical pocket knife can save your life, the life of another person or the life of an animal.

If you, or someone else, are trapped in a burning car your knife can be used to cut away the seatbelt and escape the flaming wreckage. Any injuries sustained in the crash could be life-threatening and being able to slice away the injured person’s clothing to reveal the wound could be vital. You would also be able to fasten some makeshift gauze by cutting up bits of shirt or blankets.

If a dog is trapped, tied up to a tree, or in an abandoned house you would be able to quickly and safely free him by cutting his restraints. If not a tactical pocket knife, but a multi tool pocket knife can also come in handy.

Lastly in the worst-case scenario, someone is trying to attack you, you can pull out your knife and they may decide you aren’t worth the trouble and they’ll leave you be. I should warn you though, it’s always best to run. Only stand and fight if you have absolutely no other choice and its life or death.