4 Reasons Why A Pocket Knife Makes The Perfect Gift

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The holiday season is here and most people are thinking of getting the perfect gift for their loved ones. Well, if you know someone that enjoys the great outdoors then a pocket knife gift is probably just what they need. The tool is  one of the most useful when you are out in the wild as it serves multiple purposes. Let’s look at why the pocket knife is the perfect gift for anyone that spends a lot of time outdoors.

1. Essential to camping

A pocket knife is essential to the outdoors. It serves campers in multiple ways from serving as a carving tool, peeling fruits, to cutting meat. A pocket knife is much easier to carry, as it folds and fits in your pocket and since you have it at all times, it is readily available. You can’t take a regular knife in your pocket, you are just asking for trouble by risking an injury.

Any camper would love a pocket knife gift for the holidays. The blade of a good knife is sharp enough to carve through the wood while gentle enough for you to peel the skin off fruits. Most knives also come with a few other tools which can be useful such as tweezers, corkscrews, wire cutters, and so on.

2. Useful for first aid

Pocket knives should be a part of your first aid kit. You never know when you or someone around you may get injured and the knife makes it easier to cut bandages, take out splinters, and fashion tourniquets. Yes, that’s right, a pocket knife can serve as the rod in a makeshift tourniquet, potentially saving a life.

A pocket knife gift is a wonderful addition to any first aid kit. You should look to add it to your kit if you already don’t have one.

3. Makes opening packages and letters easier

All the excitement of receiving a package or letter quickly turns into frustration when you struggle to open either. With a folding pocket knife, you can avoid frustration and easily open any package or letter. The knife’s sharp blade will cut through any tape or paper, letting you see what you received immediately.

4. Provides some form of protection

The average pocket knife may not be designed as a weapon, but it can be useful if you find yourself in a bad situation. Since most people carry their pocket knives with them, you can use them to scare off a mugger or a wild animal that tries to attack you. But note that the knife has a small blade, and if you had to use it, you would need to be close to the attacker.

Giving a pocket knife gift to someone that is always concerned about their safety may help them feel more at ease. Just knowing they have some form of protection may help them feel safe.

High quality pocket knife, Best pocket knife

Things to consider when buying a pocket knife gift for someone

Buying a pocket knife as a gift is not easy since there are so many options in the market. If you are looking for a pocket knife gift, then you should consider the following factors:

  • Blades: The knife blade is the most crucial part of a pocket knife. You have options in single, multiple blades and different types of blade edges such as plain or serrated. Think of how the person will use the pocket knife and settle on the number and type of blade accordingly. If you are unsure then go for a multi-blade knife with both plain and serrated edges.
  • Material: You have different options for the material of the blade and the overall pocket knife. Stainless steel with a steel body is more costly than an aluminum body knife with a carbon alloy blade. Consider your budget when it comes to settling on the material.
  • Other tools: A pocket knife is more than just the blade, you get tons of other tool options in most. Consider the tools that would be most relevant to the person you are giving the pocket knife gift to and buy accordingly.

Gifting a Pocket Knife For Christmas 2022

A pocket knife gift is more useful than you may think. The benefits we’ve highlighted prove that. The compact, useful knife is helpful in everyday cutting and can possibly save a life. 

What Makes Up A Quality Pocket Knife And How To Choose Yours

Camping pocket knife, Good pocket knife

It wouldn’t be incorrect to state that pocket knives have benefited humanity more than was anticipated. But we get into trouble when picking an excellent survival pocket knife.

Our lifestyles have long included pocket knives. Since many years ago, pocket knives have helped us cut, peel, and secure our lives.

You have landed on the right page if you need to know what qualities a good survival pocket knife has to choose. You will learn everything about what constitutes a decent pocket knife in this article and why a pocket knife is so essential for camping and survival kits.

Making a choice is difficult because there are so many alternatives on the market. You can easily choose an excellent survival pocket knife if you follow the following guidelines.

Multitool pocket knife, high quality pocket knife

How to Pick a Quality Pocket Knife?

Making up your decision is the first step in selecting a pocket knife that will truly meet your demands. The features of pocket knife varieties differ. Decide what you need, then search for it.

Look Up the Cost

There is no set pricing for any pocket knife available on the market. Depending on your budget, you can spend as much as you like to satisfy your mental peace.

There are both inexpensive and pricey pocket knives available, ranging from $1 to $250. Everything is based on the features. Some of the top manufacturers of pocket knives produce the finest pocket blades with equal amounts of quality and delicacy.

To avoid spending your entire budget on a pricey knife, set a budget and adhere to it.

Choose the Desired Size and Pocket Blade

First and foremost, clear up any confusion if you’re unsure whether to purchase a single-bladed or multi-bladed knife.

Single-bladed pocket knives have a straightforward design yet are made well. The only drawback is that there isn’t much diversity in this style.

Numerous designs, including some with tools, are available for multi-bladed pocket knives. Multi-bladed knives are therefore necessary if you are a military man, a soldier, or need tools and blades sometimes.

Edges Are Necessary

Pocket knives often come with either a plain or a serrated edge. Make sure you get the one that will effectively meet your needs.

Both serrated and plain have advantages of their own. The simple edge is ideal for you if you don’t want a knife that will take a lot of effort to sharpen. Additionally, it is excellent for push cuts.

On the other hand, a serrated edge is preferable if you’re a traveller and want a robust knife to cut ropes, branches, and sealed parcels. The ideal use for this kind of knife is cutting complex objects.

Why is a Pocket Knife So Important for Camping and Survival Kits?

First Aid

You never know when a survival pocket knife can help cut bandages or detach splinters and spikes.


Although they aren’t intended to be weapons, pocket knives may be sufficient to ward off or at least slow down an attacker if you find yourself in a risky scenario. Carrying it is a subtle reminder that you are ready for anything that may come your way, even when you are not using it as a tool.


You can’t go camping without a knife. When it comes to preparing food, erecting a tent, or splitting kindling for a fire, it is essential survival gear.


Without a survival pocket knife, a fisherman is not a fisherman. Any angler should always have a reliable pocket knife for cutting lines and disengaging hooks.

Peeling a Fruit

Use your dominant hand to slice the fruit while holding it in your non-dominant hand. Pinch it between your thumb and the pocket blade once you’ve cut it. Slice the apple, and cherish each bite.

Opening Canned Items

Pocket knives are excellent alternatives to commonplace equipment like can and bottle openers for cutting open cans and opening soda bottles.

Cutting Cords, Cable, or Rope

Although a pair of wire cutters or scissors may be safer, a pocket knife offers a considerably more comprehensive variety of functions in a single tool that is portable and simple to use with one hand.

Camping pocket knife, Good pocket knife

How To Choose The Right Pocket Knife For You

After reading such a thorough and educational article, we hope you will be able to choose the right pocket knife for you. Always play responsibly, use wisely, and spend sensibly! Enjoy camping more safely with a pocket knife today.

A Detailed Buying Guide For The Best Quality Pocket Knives

High quality pocket knife, Best pocket knife

A quality pocket knife proves helpful in both routine and emergencies. Whether you’re reacting quickly in an emergency or need a quick addition to your camping gear, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you have a trustworthy blade at your convenience.

Everyone has varied knife preferences, budgets, and intended uses. Based on how much you’re capable of spending on a folding knife, excellent options are available.

Pocket knives can fall in each price range: affordable (less $40), mid-tier (between $100 and $250), and premium quality (above $400).

We believe that a decent small pocket knife is an essential, everyday tool; therefore, we spent hours researching. Finally, we created this ultimate sharpest pocket knife guide, making it simple to select the right knife for you.

Multitool pocket knife, high quality pocket knife

What Should You Generally Look For In A Pocket Knife?

1. Cost

When it comes to a pocket knife you’ll use daily, excellent quality is typically worth the investment. However, an effective and beneficial blade does not have to be expensive.

2. Size

The ideal pocket knives for everyday carry are small enough to be carried in a pocket without feeling heavy or inconvenient.

When operating with your camping gear, the longer the blade, the more strength you’ll have. Knives with a 3-4 inch blade make a reasonable blend of cutting power and mobility for most scenarios.

3. Opening Style

If you know you’ll need your knife frequently during the day, make sure it’s quick and straightforward to grip and unleash.

Most of the knives have spring-assisted opening and can be opened and closed rapidly with one hand. Others are manual and may need the use of two hands. Manually opened blades have fewer moving components and are less prone to open by mistake.

4. Razor-sharp Blade

Pocket knives with stainless steel blades are the most popular. They’re corrosion-resistant and require little upkeep. Premium steel blades are more costly, but they’re sharper, highly polished, and last longer.

5. Design

An excellent small pocket knife is more than just a well-knifed blade. The handle determines how efficient a knife is and how pleasant it is to use for lengthy periods.

Essential Factors To Consider For A Pocket Knife

1. Usage

 A sharp pocket knife will come in handy in various unforeseen events, but think about what you’ll be using it for the most. If you plan on cutting through rope, skinning rabbits, or adding it to your camping gear, you might want to invest in a more specialized blade.

2. Edges

Serrated edges are useful for cutting rope when a knife is dull, but they’re challenging to sharpen at home and take up significant blade real estate.

As a result, we recommend a plain edge. If you maintain it sharp, it will almost always work better and be more multifunctional than a serrated one.

3. Lock Type

Knives with a robust lock mechanism are safer to use during difficult cutting jobs. You must go for the knives that include durable frame, pressure, or collar locks that keep the blade safe and secure when opened.

4. Weight

A pocket knife should be small and light enough to fit perfectly in your pocket or the camping gear while being big and sturdy enough to comfortably hold in your palm and be adequate for the task at hand.

A reasonable starting point for a daily carry knife is roughly 4 inches long when closed and no more than 4 ounces in weight.

5. Blade Shape and Material

Consider the knives, which include a variation of the classic drop-point, which provides good versatility for various cutting and slicing chores.

There’s much more to know about your knife’s blade material, but the essentials include stiffness, durability, fracture toughness, corrosion resistance, and edge retention. These aspects influence how well a cutter cuts and how easy it is to maintain.

High quality pocket knife, Best pocket knife


We hope this guide assists you in finding the ideal gear for your requirements. With this guide, you should gain further insight into which small pocket knife to buy, depending on your intended application.

Many factors characterize a small pocket knife, and each one applies uniquely to the person, and the scenario, so careful consideration of these factors will result in a successful purchase.

Everything You Need to Know About Electrician’s Pocket Knife

Multi tool Pocket knife, Electrician pocket knife

Knives have a variety of purposes, and one of its kind is an electrician pocket knife, which is clearly for electricians. It is an integral part of an electrician’s toolbox. Electricians use it in cutting wires, cables, conductors, and the stripping of the insulation layer. It also helps electricians on a wide scale to cut boxes comprised of electrical tools and to make holes.

Electricians can use a multi-tool or a pocket knife. However, an electrician knife is best suitable for the needs of an electrician. Getting a quality kind will not only make an electrician’s life easier but also can protect them from injuries.

Pocket knife store, electrician pocket knife

What Is an Electrician Pocket Knife?

Electricians need the right tools to perform high-quality services safely and efficiently. As the years passed, specialized equipment has developed and the list of electrician tools has grown. An electrician knife is one of the most versatile equipments of an electrician. So, what is it used for?

An electrician pocket knife is mainly used for cutting cables and wires and stripping off their plastic insulation. Electricians cut through surfaces that are small and move easily. Since wires are expected to bend, it is important to consider a tool that is safe and will not harm the core wire during the stripping process. The specialized knife ensures that the core wire will remain intact while the electrician cuts through the insulation layer.

In addition to using in construction sites, electricians used the specialized knife in chipping and carving wood at the cabin or farm. It also gets through packaging and cutting the rubbery tape of an electrician. It should also help screw or drill a hole to pass wires through the wood.

How to Choose an Electrician Knife?

Here are some factors you may want to consider when shopping for electrician knives:

Specific Needs and Preferences

Every electrician has distinct preferences when it comes to knives. Some choose long and fixed knife models while others prefer foldable and lightweight types. The market is filled with a wide selection but it all boils down to your specific needs and preferences at the end of the day.

Blade Style

Electrician knives can either be fixed or foldable. If you’re looking for something that you can fit in your pocket, short and thick foldable electrician knives suit you better. Fixed electrician knives are long and thin. Take a look at some of the common blades for electrician’s knives:

Coping Blade

This type of electrician’s knife is foldable and useful in creating parallel lines. Its thin sharp point is especially beneficial for stripping wires and cutting open electrical boxes.

Sheepsfoot Blade

This knife is beneficial for electricians because it protects them from accidentally puncturing themselves while doing electrical work. Its straight edge with a bowed spine makes it safe to use. It also works in carving wood and sharpening other types of knives.

Spear Point Blade

Sometimes referred to as a dagger, this knife helps electricians in cutting through hard materials. Its obtuse edge can be employed for rough work. It may look simple but it is packed with a sharp edge and point and double edges.

Size and Weight

For individuals who wish to carry knives any time and anywhere, the ideal weight is between three to five ounces. Some electricians choose to go for heavier models to help them carry out heavy-duty tasks. You may also want to check your state laws regarding the appropriate blade length that can be carried either open or concealed.

Blade Material

Electricians need a knife that withstands the wear and tear of daily use for a long period. Ceramic is light but can be fragile. Stainless steel is a good material as it does not rust or discolor. Titanium has better edge retention, can easily be sharpened, and lasts longer than stainless steel.

Handle Materials

Knives should have a good handle to make the life of the user easier. The handle should be sturdy enough and has a rough texture for a firm grip. Some electrician pocket knives’ handle is made of nylon, metal, and carbon fiber.

Multi tool Pocket knife, Electrician pocket knife

Include an Electrician Knife in Your Toolbox

As an electrician, you need to have the right tools to complete several kinds of electric services. One of the essentials you should have is a specialized knife. This allows you to conduct precise cuts of wires and cables. Make sure to get an electrician pocket knife according to the size, weight, and blade size and material that you prefer.

A Guide About Pocket Knives To Help Make Your Choice Easy

pocket knife, pocket knife benefits

Overwhelmed with the various pocket knife types available in the market today? This is the article for you. As you know, a pocket knife is a type of knife that has one or more blades that can be folded inwards into its handle. This kind of knife has a standard length between two to three inches. A knife that has a length beyond three inches is no longer considered a pocket knife. 

Pocket knife essentials include being a tool for handling and preparing food, doing woodwork projects, first aid, and even self-defense. Because of its different uses, the market offers a broad selection of pocket knives. Pocket knives can be classified according to the number of blades, the type of blade, and the type of edges. Let’s take a closer look into each variety so you can make an informed decision before buying.

pocket knife benefits, Best Pocket Knife

Pocket Knife Types You Should Know

The Number of Blades

Pocket knife types have different numbers of blades. Some pocket knives have only one blade that is usually larger than other types. Other pocket knives may come with two to four different types of blades which is very useful for camping or traveling. Multi-tooled blades are also available wherein the pocket knife may also have a nail file, can opener, a pair of scissors, or other features aside from the main knife itself.

The Type of Blade

Pocket knives also use different kinds of blades. The most popular type of blade is the clip point which is ideal for general cutting. Meanwhile, the drop point has a straight spine but the point slopes down meeting the bottom part of the blade. The pen blade is a common feature among Swiss Army knives. The sheepsfoot has a straight cutting edge and spine curving towards the tip. The spey blades are often used on pocket knives with multiple blades. Pocket knife types for stabbing or piercing through materials usually have the tanto point blade. Lastly, the Wharncliffe blade may not be that common but it is also a great kind of pocket knife blade.

The Type of Edge

Models of pocket knives also have various types of edges. The fully serrated edge is ideal in cutting things in sawing motion. Serrations offer additional strength which means that they can cut harder stuff. Pocket knives with a plain edge have a simple straight edge and have more stability than serrated edges. They can make accurate, clean cuts. Finally, the partially serrated edge pocket knife has a serrated and non-serrated section.

How to Choose a Pocket Knife

Aside from knowing the variety of pocket knife types available, there are other factors to consider in buying a pocket knife.


Styles of pocket knives can be traditional or modern. The traditional have heavy handles and can be made of materials like steel, brass, or other types of metal. On the other hand, modern pocket knives have various styles and their blades can be made of metal or other materials.


When choosing a pocket knife, choose one that has an easy-to-grip handle and will not cause any blisters to your hand. It should feel good in your hand and should not slip as you stab or cut with it. Traditional pocket knives typically have hardwood handles while the modern ones have titanium or brushed steel handles.


Hold the knife and feel its balance between the handle and the blade. A blade that is too heavy will not feel comfortable, and you may have difficulty cutting if the handle is bulky. If your preferred knife is heavy, it’s good to invest in a sheath that you can attach to your belt. This is so you will not have to deal with carrying a heavy pocket knife all day long.


The most crucial factor to consider is your budget. The price of pocket knives varies based on the brand, design, and materials used. You can still get a good working pocket knife for less than $30. Pocket knives that cost $31-$65 are the ideal price range and suit basic everyday tasks. Higher-end models cost between $66-$100 and have some improvements in design and functionality. Pocket knives above $100 have excellent quality materials. The premium pocket knife range costs $250 and up. These come with premium steel, unique handle material, and even finishes made with works of art.

pocket knife, pocket knife benefits

Choose the Best Pocket Knife for You

Pocket knives are a handy tool and can be used for different purposes. Take the time to break down each classification to know which one will be perfect for what you intend to use it. Get the most out of your money’s worth by familiarizing the pocket knife types discussed in this article.

Choosing The Best Cool Pocket Knife For Your Collection

Cool Pocket knife

Pocket knives are one of the coolest and iconic tools in the world. A cool pocket knife is great for self-defense purposes, performing first-aid, general use around the home, as well as for survival in the wilderness.

Although small, pocket knives are highly reliable and functional, and one of the best items you can have. Anyone from the military, first responders, contractors, or outdoorsman carry these multi-functional tools and are often highly dependent on them.

There are a lot of pocket knives on the market. To find the best one, you need to know what you are looking for. A cool pocket knife is easy to use and safe to carry, can easily fit in any pocket, and can be used for a long time. Furthermore, a reliable pocket knife can ensure maximum operability, and it’s perfect for heavy-duty tasks.

If you don’t own a cool pocket knife, or you are due for an upgrade, we have some awesome suggestions for you. Plus, we’ll list some of the best benefits of owning a cool pocket knife.

Kizer Maestro Pocket Knife

The Kizer maestro pocket knife is one of the best pocket knives you can own. The handle is covered in a cool matt-black coating, and it’s made from milled titanium, providing a solid grip. Moreover, the frame lock can ensure safety during use, and it has a tip-up pocket clip for more convenient carry.

The weight of this EDC pocket knife is 7.45 oz. The reverse tanto blade made from CPM-S35VN steel is 3.57 inches, while the overall length of the knife is 8.32 inches. The blade is corrosion-resistant, and it’s outfitted with a hole and dual thumb studs for easy deployment of the blade.

Incredibly versatile, the Kizer Maestro is a great pocket knife for everyday carry and activities such as fishing, hiking, and camping.

TAC Force TF-509 Spring Assist Folding Knife

If you are looking for a cool pocket knife that is not only functional but fashionable as well, this is it. The TAC Force pocket knife features a rainbow TiNite coated stainless steel blade. This makes this knife one of the best-looking blades on the market.

This blade is manufactured with the police, military, and fire & rescue’s needs in mind. The knife features a quick deploying and super durable blade, perfect for DIY activities, military & tactical needs, hunting & fishing, as well as everyday activities.

Integrated with a seat belt cutter, glass breaker, and a pocket clip, this trusty folding knife can be used in emergencies, making it perfect for everyday carry.

Fanfoobi Engraved Pocket Knife

The Fanfobi pocket knife is a great way to leave a lasting impression for Christmas, valentine’s day, anniversary, birthday, wedding, or other special occasions. You can order this pocket knife with a custom laser engraved message. That makes this pocket knife a great gift for dads, husbands, or wifes.

This knife comes with a mini velvet bag. Moreover, it features a stainless steel blade that can handle any job with its razor-sharp edge. The handle is made of the same stainless steel as the blade, however, it features a wooden handle pad that can be customizable with an engraved message.

This distinctive feature makes this pocket knife unique, stylish, and a must-have.

RoverTac Multitool Pocket Knife

The RoverTac multitool is a strong, reliable, and easy-to-handle pocket knife. It features 7 tools such as a knife, scissors, whistle, fire starter, can opener, bottle opener, and a flat screwdriver that could be very helpful in your daily life. The fire starter and the whistle are especially useful in the wilderness and outdoor activities.

This cool pocket knife is well built with full stainless steel and coated with durable black oxidation. Furthermore, the knife blade is rather long at 3.15 Inches and very easy to use.

If you have an adventuristic spirit, and you love exploring, hiking, camping, or hunting, then the RoverTac Multi-Functional pocket knife is the perfect choice for you!

Benefits of Owning a Cool Pocket Knife

First Aid/Emergency. A cool pocket knife can assist you in the most challenging situations. During a crisis, you can use your pocket knife to cut a bandage, cut a rope, cut a seatbelt, or break a car window. By carrying a pocket knife, you can save lives in the most unpredictable situations.

Protection and Self Defense. A pocket knife can also be used as a weapon. If the situations call for it, whether you are attacked by a wild animal, or assaulted at your home, a pocket knife can be your primary defense tool.

Survival in The Wilderness. If you find yourself lost in the wilderness, a multi-tool pocket knife can help you survive. You can cut wood, start a fire, and hunt for food. Furthermore, you can engrave signs on the trees so that the search and rescue can find you more easily.


Can you remember the last time you needed a pocket knife? As you can see, pocket knives are very useful tools to have on you at all times. Whether it’s for cutting paper, opening a package or a letter, cutting labels from your new clothes, or camping in the wilderness, having a cool pocket knife will help you in many ways.

What Is A Top Quality Small Pocket Knife For Small Hands

single blade pocket knife

A small pocket knife is a folding knife that can be a useful tool for everyday activities. Activities such as opening packages, whittling, first aid, cutting fruit, and a ton of other chores you can perform, whether at home, work, or camping.

The versatility a small pocket knife offers is the reason why pocket knives are among the most useful tools known to mankind. Moreover, some small pocket knives have specific features and functions, making them a must-have.

Pocket knives have a lot of uses, and there are many benefits of carrying one at all times. In this article, we will go through some of the things you need to watch out for when you look for a small pocket knife. But before we do that, if you are looking for a pocket knife for everyday carry, here is a pocket knife with an innovative design and multi-tasking functions.

Fanfoobi Engraved Hunting Pocket Knife

The Fanfoobi pocket knife is a great knife to own. It can be used for everyday activities, but it is especially useful for camping and hunting purposes. Furthermore, this knife can be the perfect gift for anniversaries, Christmas, or birthdays, as it comes with an engraving option on the side of the knife.


  • Led Light. This feature comes in handy for many reasons. You can read a book on your camping trip, as well as other nightly activities. Moreover, you can use this feature at home in case of a power surge. All you need to do is reach in your pocket.
  • Fire Starter. Another great feature to have when camping or hunting. This fire starter is a safe and reliable method to start a fire even in a cold and wet environment.
  • Bottle Opener. This feature can come in handy on many occasions. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, a promotion at work, or sitting by a campfire, you can open a cold beer or soda with ease.
  • Seat Belt Cutter. This is potentially a life-saver feature. It is useful in a potential car accident, where you need to cut that seat belt to escape a burning or a drowning car.
  • Glass Breaker. This feature is complementary to the seat belt cutter. It can be used to break glass, whether in your car, on public transport, or even at home, in case of a fire.

This all-purpose small pocket knife has a 3.5-inch black oxide stainless steel blade. Moreover, the blade is half serrated, half plain, so its application can be very versatile.

The handle is 4.5-inches long, making the full knife length of 8-inches. In addition to this, it features a liner lock for added safety.

All in all, this knife is a great tool for hunting, camping, outdoor, emergency, and utility use.

What to Look for in a Small Pocket Knife

single blade pocket knife

Intended Use. Although a small pocket knife is intended for daily use, make sure you know the reasons you are buying a pocket knife in the first place. There are many varieties of pocket knives, some are for self-defense, some are for general use, and some camping purposes. If you are a mechanic, your needs might differ from a hunter or a fisherman.

Handle. Make sure the handle is ergonomic and fits in your hand perfectly. Not all pocket knives are created equally. If the knife doesn’t fit in your hand properly, you might injure yourself while using it.

Legal Blade Length. Pay attention to your country’s laws when it comes to pocket knives. In some countries, carrying a pocket knife is prohibited, in others, the length of the blade will determine whether the knife can be carried at all times. The rules vary from place to place.

Opening System. There are multiple opening mechanisms on pocket knives. Automatic is when the blade opens with a push of a button. Manual is when the opening of the knife is dependent on the user. Assisted is a combination between the automatic and manual.

Type of Blade. There are plain-edge blades, fully-serrated blades, and a combination of the two. Choose the one that will best suit your needs.


Everyone should own and carry a small pocket knife as a part of their daily life activities. The benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. In any critical situation, you can always count on these wonderful multi-tools to never let you down.

Whether to cut a loose string on your sweater, open a package, or start a campfire, the compact design, the sharp blade, and the many additional features make the small pocket knife an absolute necessity.

Getting a Groomsmen knife gift

best pocket knife steel

An example of a great Groomsmen knife gift is a pocket knife. This tool was dated back to 600 – 500 B.C.E in the Iron Ages. It was first found in modern-day Austria. In 1650, pocket knives began to be sold throughout Sheffield, England to farmers, herders, and gardeners. It was labelled the farmer knife. It contained a pivot that enabled the blade to be folded into the groove handle. In 1700, the first mass production of pocket knives began.

These knives can fit inside your pocket well. A good pocket knife is essential in everyday life. For basic tasks to self-defense. It is a tool that can be used for survival. It is a small yet functional, simple but reliable piece of equipment. Anyone from someone in the military, craftsmen, woodworkers, contractors, and outdoorsmen can benefit a lot from using this tool.

Terms every knife lover should know:

Groomsmen Knife Gift

Belly – This is the curved part of the blade used in cutting and slicing.

Bevel – This is the narrow part of the blade that extends from the spine down to the cutting edge.

Butt – This is the end of the knife’s handle.

Choil – This is the unsharpened part of the knife’s cutting edge that is close to the handle.

Frame lock – This is a locking mechanism in which a piece of the handle falls into place behind the butt.

Guard – This is a part of the knife designed to prevent your hand from slipping on to the blade.

Gut Hook – This is a sharpened hook on the spine of the knife designed for field dressing 

Hardware – This consists of screws and other pieces that hold the knife’s part together.

Jimping – A notched part of the spine close to the handle designed for extra grip.

Quillon – A part of the guard that extends beyond the tang of the blade to provide extra protection of your hand.

Ricasso – A flat unsharpened part of the blade between the handle and the bevel.

Spine – This is the unsharpened part of the blade. It is the side opposite to the sharp edge.


Despite its size, this tool has very many benefits. Some of them include:

  • Survival in the wild

This is one of the best tools to have when you are camping or when you are on a hiking trip. It can fit easily in your pocket. It is an effective tool despite its size. This allows you to have lighter luggage when you are in the wild. While you are camping, you can use it to assist you to set up your tent, cut and slice food, cut kindling, and also help you handle fires. During fishing, the knife can be used to cut off the line after your big catch or removing the hook from your fish. 

  • Woodwork
stainless steel folding knife

You can count on this tool to assist you in the workshop. It has the ability to make clean cuts. It can be used on furniture, decorations, and even school projects. Just try not to cut something that is too thick.

  • Trimming and Tearing Clothes

It has a unique ability to trim and tear clothes easily. Therefore retailers and fashion designers may find this item very useful. Also in case, someone is injured; breaks a limb, or suffers a deep cut, the knife can be used to free the wound by tearing the clothes around it. 

  • Cutting

This is just the normal everyday cutting of stuff. This is like the most basic benefit of this tool. It may serve as a good groomsmen knife gift. You can use it to cut paper, wires, and cardboard. The sharpness of this knife makes cutting effortless. You can also use it to open box packages. You can also a mail package softly without damaging it. When it comes to cutting, the uses of this knife are almost infinite. 

  • Self-defense

This item can be used as a weapon when the need arises. Danger may arise from other people or from animals in the wild. Therefore, you may use it to your advantage to counter the danger.

  • First-Aid and Saving Lives

The knife can be used to prepare you for emergency situations. You can use it to cut a seatbelt during an accident when it is rendered inoperable to save yourself and also save a life. Some pocket knives come equipped with glass breakers to assist you to break free in case of an accident. You can also use it to make a bandage from a gauze. It can also be used to carve messages on wood in the wild for survival and as emergency signals. In the event of a hostage situation, it can be used to free the hostages. 

  • Durability and Resistance 

A well-made pocket knife can last many years especially one made of stainless steel. It will not rust even when exposed to water or other harmful fluids. It cannot break easily too, it has great resistance. 

  • Versatility and Portability

This item can be carried anywhere. It can fit in any pocket of your clothing, your bag, or pouch. When it comes to using it, you can use it in seconds due to its small size and foldable design.

  • Multitool Capacity

Some pocket knives come equipped with multitool capacity. Tools that may come with the pocket knife include a screwdriver, a bottle opener, nail polish, and a corkscrew. This enables you to get more and better results on your product. 

The above are some of the reasons why a pocket knife makes a great Groomsmen knife gift. 

When it comes the time to choose your pocket knife, it comes down to your personal needs and tastes.

For heavy-duty work, you would need a tactical folding knife while for light work such as opening mail and packages, you would need a classy pen knife. 

We can see how a pocket knife can be a great groomsmen knife gift. It is small, durable, and multifunctional. To find good pocket knives recommended by us, see our serrated blade pocket knives and straight edge blade pocket knives here!

Personalized Pocket Knifes – the Perfect Touch and Many Benefits

Benchmade pocket knife

Many people tend to like pocket knives. Pocket knives with personalization provide a perfect touch to show that you care about someone in your life and that you are thinking of them. For example, it is highly impactful when a father gives a son a pocket knife for a gift or if a brother gives one to his brother. Also, it is great when you have your own personalized pocket knife to keep it from getting mixed up with someone else’s pocket knife if both of you happen to lay your pocket knives down somewhere. Also, a pocket knife is a great gift idea to give to groomsmen who stand up with you at your wedding.

There are many benefits to using a personalized pocket knife. We share some of them here.

groomsmen knife gifts

Cutting off a tag from clothing

If you happen to notice that a clothing tag is bothering you by being itchy and annoying, then you can get out your personalized pocket knife to cut it off. It will be gone and you will feel relieved. 

For carving

Also, you can use your pocket knife to do some carving. Carving is noted as engaging in the removal of material by scraping it away with a pocket knife with the purpose of creating some object or shape. When you are doing carving with a pocket knife, wood is the general type of material that is used. However, you can try other materials for carving projects as well. But it is a good idea to make sure that your personalized pocket knife would be strong enough for the task. 

When you have food stuck in your teeth

If you happen to be out in the woods or somewhere without a toothpick and have some food that is bugging you in your teeth, you may just sense an urgency to get rid of it as quickly as you can. Well, if you have a personalized pocket knife with you, that can be the perfect tool to get rid of that unwanted food that is stuck in your teeth. Then your teeth can feel comfortable again.

When you need a pencil sharpened

Sometimes a pencil sharpener may not work. Or you may not have a pencil sharpener available. But you may need a pencil to be sharpened for a project you are working or for a drawing you are doing. Your personalized pocket knife will be there to get the job done. Then you will have a pencil that is ready to tackle your project or drawing.

For cutting some meat

Maybe you have a big chunk of meat in front of you, but it is tough. Or the knife you have been given to cut it is dull and is more suited for putting butter on a piece of bread instead of cutting a big slab of meat. Well, if you have your personalized pocket knife with you, then you can use it to cut your meat without a struggle. 

multi use pocket knife

If you need some kindling to start a fire

If you go out into the wilderness, you could become lost. Or you could get cold. Or you could need to eat. In all these situations you need a fire. Yes, fire is essential. But if you do not have kindling, then it is rather difficult to start a fire. You really cannot make kindling very easily if you do not have a pocket knife. Wherever you go out into the wilderness, make sure you always take along your pocket knife. Then you will always be able to make kindling whenever you need a fire.

How to yield your personalized pocket knife

When you have a new pocket knife, it can seem hard to open. This is due to the hinge being stiff. The supreme way to make sure that your pocket knife will open well is to get in the habit of using it frequently. 

To help make the pocket knife work well for you, it is good to apply lubricant to the hinge area to help the pocket knife to open more easily. Also, it is highly recommended to loosen and tighten the pivot screw, as this will cause the blade to open with much more ease.

We suggest two types of pocket knives, serrated pocket knives and straight edge pocket knives. Check them out to find the best for you!

Why everyone should have a red pocket knife

Red Pocket Knife

Pocket knives can be handy, and every person should have at least one! You never know when you will need something sharp. First of all, they come in small sizes so that you can carry them in your purse or pocket. If the knife is closed, it is perfectly safe, and you won’t be hurt. They also come in different sizes and colors. For example, you have a red pocket knife, military design, black or grey pocket knife, etc.

Manufacturers are making pocket knives from durable steel, so this tool will undoubtedly serve you for many, many years. The pocket knife is a good investment, but it is also a practical present for someone who likes these useful little things. 

What is pocket knives good for?

Nature survival 

stainless steel folding knife

We recommend pocked knives for nature lovers! For nature lovers, a pocket knife is a must-have. We suggest that you purchase the red tool, because, if you accidentally drop the knife somewhere, you will easily find it, thanks to the bright red color. 

Campers, hikers and the other nature lovers are using pocket knives to chop smaller branches for kindling wood, if they have to cut ropes for some reasons, etc. But they mostly use the pocket knives for preparing food. You always need a sharp blade for food preparing. Instead of taking your kitchen knives out camping, use your pocket knife. They are handy for cutting meat or cleaning fish, even for preparing salads.

For everyday use at home

A pocket knife can be handy at home, too. It is excellent for cutting fruits, if you need a can opener, or even if you want to open a bottle.

People don’t use a pocket knife only in the kitchen. It can be convenient when you have some chores in your home workshop, and you need to cut something. Pocket knives are great for carving the wood. You can cut anything you want: paper, cables, thin plastic, even fabric.


A pocket knife can save your life as well. Unfortunately, we are not always safe, and sometimes when danger comes, we are on our own. A pocket knife can be useful, at least that your attacker knows that you are not so unprotected after all. Many people are carrying the pocket knives as a protection, in case of the wild animal attack. It is one reason more, why should you take a pocket knife with you if you are a nature lover.

A pocket knife can be useful to save lives, or if you have to give someone first aid. Many doctor and medicine workers like to carry pocket knives with them, when they are not working, in case they have to help someone. Doctors sometimes prefer to take a red pocket knife. Usually, they are joking that it matches with a red cross sign.

How should you use the pocket knife properly?

It is essential to know how to use your pocket knife. This requires getting the right pocket knife for you first. Some people with less experience can be hurt easily. Remember, pocket knives should be closed when they are not in use, so be very careful when you open them. Once you get in the routine, you will be more relaxed when you are working with your knife.

Red Pocket Knife

The red pocket knife is desirable (pocket knife with red holder), because, you will see the spot where the blade starts. Some knives are entirely black, for example, and we are not recommending these blades for beginners.

If you are carving the wood, you should carve it away from yourself, and make sure there is no one near you. Also, be careful when you are closing the knife. For beginners, we are recommending the pocked blades with locking system, they are much safer.

Which pocket knife is perfect for you?

There are different kinds of pocket knives, and whatever knife you choose, you won’t make a mistake. There are serrated pocket knife blades and straight edge pocket knife blade options. But as we said earlier, if you are beginner, it would be best to buy the blade with a locking system. Also, choose small size knives and not big military models. A red pocket knife has a beautiful design, so you can choose something like this if you what to give it so someone as a present. A pocket knife is an excellent present for hunters, people who like to spend time in nature, or people who love fishing. There are a lot of exclusive brands who produce pocket knives, so this kind of present can sometimes be very luxurious.