Everyday Uses of the US Military Pocket Knife

The US military pocket knife is a portable knife that is used by the US military (as you probably guessed!). This is a very sharp knife compared to the usual knife that you would use everyday. It’s used in a number of ways, for example as a wire cutter and it can even defuse landmines. 

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Since they use it as a combat knife, they have to bring it along with them everywhere. It is basically for survival. Although it was originally made as a fighting knife, the military already made other uses for this knife at the end of the Trench Warfare.

If you want to also feel the convenience of having this knife, then you can already get them for yourself. There are times that the US military holds a sale for a cause. So don’t miss it since you can make sure that when they sell something, you can make sure it’s going to have a good quality, especially when it comes to pocket knives.

Everyday Uses of the US Military Pocket Knife

There are many ways where you can use the US military pocket knife. Here are some ways for you to use it everyday.

  • Open Packages: If you are an average Joe, the best way to use your US military pocket knife is to open your packages. It will make it easier for you to open them this way than to use scissors since it might get stuck from the tapes
  • Cutting Fruits: Having a whole apple is hard on your teeth so it’s best for you to have your pocket knife to cut through it. Using a sharp blade is the best way to do it.
  • Cutting Hair: Want to have a haircut? Then you can use it for that too. But make sure to watch some tutorials first to avoid losing an ear instead of styling your hair!
  • Creating Holes: If you want to create holes for your pot plants, then it’s the best tool for you to use. You can create a drainage for your plants without putting in too much effort.
  • Removing a Splinter: Sometimes you cannot avoid getting a splinter while doing some chores. However, you can use your US military pocket knife to push through the sides to take it off (much like using tweezers).
  • Cutting Meat: Because of the sharp blade, it will be easier for you to cut meat. You can enjoy your steak with your pocket knife.
  • Sharpening Your Pencil: Sharpeners can make it easy but if it’s not available you can always use your pocket knife to solve this issue.
  • Shaving: If you have to shave and your razors gave up on you, you can always use the US military pocket knife instead.
  • Opening a Bottle: The best thing about having your pocket knife with you is that you can also use it as a bottle opener. It’s a lifesaver when you want to have a beer and there’s no bottle opener around!
  • Self Defense: There are many dangers today so bringing your pocket knife can save your life. You can use it as a self defence tool or break free from ropes if someone was to tie you up.
  • Best for Camping: If you are the adventurous type and like the outdoors, the US military pocket knife is the best tool for you to have. You can use it for all types of general camping things.
  • Splitting Woods for Fire: When you are out in the wild, you will often need to have a fire to stay warm. This pocket knife can help you split the wood you need to start a fire.
  • Helps you Carry Grocery Bags: If you have to carry heavy grocery bags, you can use a pocket knife to avoid you hurting your palm. Just wrap around the plastic handle and use it for easy handling. (Neat idea huh!)
  • Can Opener: Canned food is a nuisance especially if you do not have a can opener around. Your pocket knife can solve this problem so you can open a can of pork and beans to eat.
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Having your US military pocket knife can make your everyday life easier. There are many occasions that you may need to have a pocket knife handy. Since it’s foldable and will fit your pocket easily, you can carry it around for when the need for it arises. Who knows, you can even save a life with it? This pocket knife can make your everyday life easier, so better get one now!

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